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Jose Mangin Launches "Headbang for Science"

Dude! How cool is this? I've never met the guy but I think Jose Mangin is a solid dude!  Jose just launched "Headbang for Science," a nonprofit dedicated to helping metal-loving high schoolers focused on science and medicine get into college. I recently had a moment when I had an appointment with a doctor and he comes in asking me what my hoodie says. I said it's an As I Lay Dying hoodie. He then…

National Donut Day!

It’s National Donut Day! Check out all the best deals below! Dunkin Donuts Get a free classic donut with the purchase of any beverage on 6/3. Hurts Donut Company 1111 E Republic Rd location 24 Hours - Sugar Cookie Dough Donuts, Fried Oreo Donuts, Funnel Cake Donuts, Cinnamon, Sugar, Caramel Latte Donuts NOON-6 PM - FREE CARNIVAL RIDES in the parking lot! Cheese Burgers and Hot dogs on glazed…

NASCAR Comes to St. Louis

All you NASCAR fans, check this out! Make some plans to go to Gateway this weekend (June 5th) to see some racing action. St. Louis to host NASCAR’s top series at overhauled GatewayGateway will host the Cup series on Sunday for the first time.Read Get all the details online at

Artist Answers 5! What was you favorite childhood toy?

Its that time again! Time to ask the artists a silly question and learn more cool things about the people that make your favorite music! This week we asked artists; What was your favorite childhood toy?? Featuring Members of: Red light King, Bad Wolves, Memphis Mayfire, and KORN!

1,000 musicians pay tribute to Taylor Hawkins

Could you even imagine how that sounded live? My Hero - Foo Fighters | Rockin′1000, Paris 2022One thousand musicians dedicating this song to one drummer: Taylor Hawkins. #rockin1000 #taylorhawkins #foofighters★ Who Are We ★In 2015 1000 Rockers perform...Read Click this link for the article Watch: 1,000 Musicians Pay Tribute to Taylor Hawkins with “My Hero” Cover | MetalSucks1,000…

Kid goes head to head with Fred Durst and straight MURDERS it

"Let's hear it for this little motherf***er," I love it when little kids cuss. I don't know why, it's just hilarious. It's probably because I'm not a mother and I don't have to deal with it. But I would make an exception if it's in a song and the kid is singing. As Fred Durst put it, check out "this little mother f***er" nail Break Stuff. I mean, look at him, he's working the stage. I think this…

She Hulk Official Trailer

Who is stoked for She Hulk: Attorney at Law? If they're doing this movie, I think they should also make a Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law movie too.   She-Hulk: Attorney at Law - Official Trailer Starring Mark Ruffalo & Tatiana MaslanyJennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) is a successful Los Angeles attorney working in “Superhuman law.” However, she’s acquired powers similar to her cousin,…

Artist Answers #4 Wishing It was never invented! This month, Baden asked rock artists "what is the one thing you wish was never invented" **featuring** Nothing More, Dorothy, Asking Alexandria, and Five Finger Death Punch

Catching up with Arejay

Baden talks to Arejay of Halestorm about the upcoming tour, album, and the need for an oxygen tank in the future!

Artist Answers #3

This month, Baden asks the artists if touring was what they expected before they became professional touring musicians!