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Q: Where are you from?

A: Born & Raised in the state of cheese curds and beer!  Madison, Wi!!

Q: Who are your favorite bands?

A: This is such a “radio station” question to ask. Okay, so here goes: Metallica, Richard Marx (best singer/songwriter of ALL TIME, and I have no shame in that), Blue October, Avatar, Static-X are all my tops.

Q: What was your best “Rock N Roll” moment?

A: Static-X was playing at the Oasis of all places.  They needed a “shot girl,” and it was my Birthday.  I got to bring the shots on stage (it was only beer in a shot glass), and Wayne Static wished me a happy birthday, and we did our “shot.”

Q: Name what drink is in your hand at a concert?

A: Rum & Diet Dr. Pepper.  But usually, they don’t have Diet Dr. Pepper, so Diet Coke is okay.

Q: What are the top 5 on your “Free List.”

A: Huh.  We still ask this question, too?  Aragon from Lord of the Rings (the character, not the actor), Tobias Forge (only for his voice), Jeffery Dean Morgan, Adam Driver (my kid thinks it’s weird because ‘his nose is so big’), and an open spot to change out.

Q: Do you have any pets?

A: Pet free since 2015.  But we do wanna get a kitty someday.

Q: Who are your sports teams?

A: Go Pack Go!

Q: Top 5 movies of all time?

A: Natural Born Killers, Love Actually, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Christmas Vacation, and Star Wars.

Q: Name your top 5 favorite foods.

A: Okay.  If I name my top five, doesn’t it cover just about everything?  How about Top Five Favorite places to eat?  I love Pasty’s from London Calling, the Chinese Buffet at Asian King Buffet (Yes, it is excellent), the Mediterranian Delight from Papa Murphy’s, most Mexican Places in Springfield but King Burrito down in Northwest Arkansas for fast Mexican, Mijuri for Sushi, Nakato AND Hinode for Hibachi (sometime’s it’s hard to choose between the two).  I made this sound like I don’t like fancy places.  Of course, I hit up Jimm’s, Gilardi’s, and Avanzare’s too!

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