Hey, it’s Phil Tripper, your friendly neighborhood AFTERNOON guy. I was born and raised on the Mississippi …up north in MN. I still remember the first time I heard Cowboys from Hell as a youngster… ever since, the metal has called to me. I can’t finish a book in a timely fashion and I can’t remember my anniversary, but as a kid of the MTV generation, all things rock and metal take up 90% of the free real estate in my daily brain. Just ask me about grunge… got a couple hours?

Tripper questions? I’ve got Tripper answers:

Favorite food: Pizza… all of it. Anytime, anywhere, any style

Favorite movie: There Will Be Blood. Daniel Day-Lewis. There is no second place

TOP 5 on my streaming: Radiohead, Pantera, R.E.M, Beatles, Avatar (in 2023 anyway)

Best metal frontman of all time? Philip H. Anselmo…RE-SPECT

Scotch or Bourbon? Bourbon. ‘Murica!

Best Season? Fall. For the light jacket styles and the candles. Scented candles are my jam.

Funniest Person on the Planet? Larry David as long as he is alive.

Spirit Animal: Probably Marc Maron

Worst Interview: That time I accidentally harassed Lauren Alaina about a flubbed National Anthem performance. Sorry Lauren!

Best Interview Moment: The time a flubbed a fist/bump handshake with Phil Anselmo and he gave me the signature mean mug

Best Concert Memory: Too many… but making out with a stranger at a Motley Crue concert in 2005 felt appropriate for the vibe. When in Rome, ya know?

Hobbies: Collecting Vinyl records and figuring out how I’ll eat because I spent all my money on records. Also Bourbon.

Hidden talent: Finding ways to not leave the house on the weekend Nov-Feb

Dog or cat: I’ve entered the realm of Cat Dad. Eddi and Greg are my cat bros. (they are actual blood brothers)

Guilty pleasure: Ken Burns documentaries on PBS and Antiques Road show and ALL of the music documentaries

If your life had narration, who would be the voice: Macho Man Randy Savage… OOooohh YEEEEAaaaahhh!

Hot Take? If you are older than 17 and are still arguing about new bands that “aren’t rock/metal” you need to grow up and should also start drinking better beer. Red Dog sux yo.