Things that Rock

Q102 No Christmas Music Guarantee

Q102 is not anti-Christmas.  We're just anti-Christmas music! You get enough of that crap at the grocery store, in gas stations, or at your Nana's house. Starting Monday, December 6th, it's the Q102 No Christmas Music Guarantee!! But we're also human, and some of our DJs really LIKE Christmas music (Shadow), and they may try to slip some music in. If you catch us, be caller number 10 at…

Catching up with Jerry Cantrell

Baden Talks with rock icon Jerry Cantrell about his new album and some of the interesting sounds that went into it. They also answer fan questions!

2021 Lex & Terry Sub-Par Classic

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2021 Pro Football Challenge

Football season is here and if you think you can select all of the correct winners for the entire season, you will win $50,000! 2021 Pro Football Challenge Official Rules NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE WILL NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. Contest is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws. This Game May Not Be Used To Conduct, Advertise Or Promote Any Form Of Gambling.…

Q Rated R

"Q Rated R" is a LIVE Podcast performed at Marty's Sports Bar in front a live audience featuring Baden as the Host, and is joined by his band of misfits as they tackle taboo subjects, and make fun of everything under the sun.. all while not having the typical radio restrictions. It's basically all the crap we can't do, say or talk about on air, with audience participation and giveaways. Gloves…

Shooting the Shit with T.J. Miller

TJ Miller has been in a ton of things! Deadpool, how to train your dragon, Big Hero 6, Ready Player one, Silicon Valley. but before all that and to this day, he’s a hilarious comedian! TJ dropped by the Q studios today to talk about everything with bade… and I mean everything..

What Science Has Learned About Metalheads From Music Studies

See, metal is good for us… but apparently we’ll need to be more cautious while listening to metal while driving.

Balenciaga made stiletto Crocs.

No. What a Croc! Why has Balenciaga ruined the world’s most practical shoes? It’s not just plastic clogs that are being elevated right now – flip-flops, trainers and hiking boots all have heels right now. And just when we were all yearning for comfort

Anheuser Busch wants to buy you a beer!

Anheuser Busch has put it out on the table that they want to buy every American a beer if the country reaches 70% of the vaccine goal by July 4th, every American of legal drinking age, that is, you’ll have to upload a photo of you at your favorite bar or restaurant or in your own backyard and they’ll give you a $5 gift card. Click here for more info!  

Woman on bike bites the dust on live TV

WOMAN ON BIKE: Oh snap! A TV crew. Lemme get a selfie! ** takes both hands off the handlebars ** THE UNIVERSE: You know what would be funny? Hold my beer.