During my interview with my longtime friend Scott Stevens of The Exies, we delved into the band’s humble beginnings and the journey that led to their reunion concert and new songs. Scott shared insightful anecdotes about the early days of the band and the pivotal moments that shaped their sound and identity. We also discussed his ventures beyond The Exies, particularly his foray into songwriting for acclaimed artists such as Daughtry, Shinedown, and Halestorm, unraveling the creative process behind crafting chart-topping hits.

Amidst our conversation, Scott offered a glimpse into the inspiration behind their new single, “For What It’s Worth,” shedding light on the thematic depth and musical nuances embedded within the track. It was a fascinating exchange, brimming with nostalgia, creativity, and a shared passion for music that has endured through the years.

Check out the new single from The Exies, For What It’s Worth, here.


Thanks to Adam, Shadown, and Scott for making this happen. Q1021.FM