I don’ t know about you, but I’m not a fan of mullets. If you have a mullet, fine, I guess, but for me, it’s a 100% effective form of birth control. HOWEVER, there seems to be several styles of mullets, so lets take a look at them.


Top 10 Mullet Styles of 2023

From rock icons like David Bowie and Joan Jett to modern trendsetters like Miley Cyrus, the mullet has consistently signaled a rebellious spirit. As 2023 unfolds, this iconic hairstyle emerges in various captivating styles. Drawing from Google search data, AllAxess presents the top 10 mullet styles, ranked by their search popularity. Combined, these top 50 mullet-related searches have aggregated a staggering 1 million searches during 2023, underscoring the hairstyle’s enduring appeal and resurgence in popularity.​​


#10 Mohawk Mullet

Unleashing the audacity of a mohawk combined with the free-flowing mullet, this style is for the bold and the brave.


#9 Tapered Mullet

Elegance meets edge with this style, gracefully tapering from a bold front to a flowing back.


#8 Straight Haired Mullet

Sleek, sharp, and sophisticated; this mullet is a modern twist for those with straight hair, exuding a polished aura.


#7 Middlepart Mullet

A harmonious blend of symmetry and style, this mullet boasts a central part that adds a touch of contemporary flair.


#6 The Permed Mullet

Retro vibes come alive with this ’80s-inspired mullet, where tight curls meet the iconic mullet silhouette.


#5 ’80s Mullet

A tribute to rock and roll’s golden era, this mullet screams rebellion with its wild and shaggy demeanor.


#4 Curly Mullet

Celebrate natural curls with this style, where volume and depth take center stage, creating a captivating look.


#3 Short Mullet Variations

Classic meets contemporary with this shorter take on the iconic mullet, perfect for those seeking a trendy twist.


#2 The Modern Mullet

A fresh spin on a timeless classic, this mullet offers a refined look with just the right touch of nostalgia.


#1 The Classic Mullet

The epitome of mullet styles, this look captures hearts with its voluminous top and flowing tail, a true testament to its enduring charm.

Hair Experts Celebrate the Mullet’s Return: Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Timeless Symbol of Confidence

The esteemed celebrity hairdresser, Christophe-Nicolas Biot, offers insights into the resurgence of the mullet, a haircut deeply associated with the rebellious energy of rock ‘n’ roll, and shares tips to master the trend for 2023.


Channeling the essence of rock ‘n’ roll, Christophe-Nicolas notes, “the most important thing to remember is that the mullet is not just a mullet, it’s something that inspires attitude and style in clothing.”


He adds, “Whether you like it or not, the mullet is making a real comeback because it can distinguish people who were quite ordinary with their usual haircut.” Source.


Highlighting the confidence radiated by this iconic style, Jared Henderson, who styled Doja Cat’s “soft-serve” mullet for the 2021 Grammy Awards, describes its embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll audacity. Henderson says, “It oozes, ‘I’m this confident being, and I really couldn’t care less about what people say, because I know I’m rocking the hell out of this hairstyle”. Source.


Mullet Trend Overview:

Aside from these top styles, search data indicates a broader interest in the mullet’s trajectory in 2023. Terms like “mullet 2023” and “mullets 2023” hint at the public’s curiosity about how the hairstyle continues to evolve and remain relevant in the current year.

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Top 50 Mullet Google Searches 2023


# Keyword Total Search Volume 2023
1 mullet 497,500
2 modern mullet 167,700
3 short mullet 37,600
4 mullet short 37,600
5 curly mullet 31,200
6 permed mullet 23,400
7 middlepart mullet 15,300
8 morgan wallen mullet 14,200
9 straight haired mullet 12,200
10 mullet 2023 11,560
11 mullets 2023 11,560
12 tapered mullet 11,300
13 mohawk mullet 10,700
14 patrick kane mullet 9,830
15 80s mullet 9,800
16 1980s mullet 9,800
17 80 mullet 9,800
18 short haired mullet 9,520
19 long mullet 9,500
20 mullet long 9,500
21 long haired mullet 9,500
22 styled mullet 8,900
23 styling mullet 8,900
24 faded mullet 8,060
25 mullet styling 6,880
26 womens mullet 6,720
27 womens mullets 6,720
28 curly modern mullet 6,590
29 korean mullet 6,260
30 mullet cutting 6,240
31 short modern mullet 5,130
32 joe dirt mullet 4,780
33 2023 mullet 4,340
34 miley cyrus mullet 3,430
35 pixie mullet 3,340
36 soft mullet 3,300
37 short curly mullet 3,250
38 baseball mullet 3,200
39 type of mullet 3,140
40 wavy mullet 3,070
41 blonde mullet 2,930
42 mullet blonde 2,930
43 mullet moustache 2,930
44 moustache and mullet 2,930
45 best mullets 2,870
46 half mullet 2,830
47 modern curly mullet 2,830
48 subtle mullet 2,720
49 lowfade mullet 2,720
50 modern day mullet 2,620
Summary 1,089,630