When Do You Call It Quits?

In the attached article, KISS guitarist states that the amount of time and money it takes to write and record a new album just is not worth it anymore. They want to focus more on reconnecting with old fans, and recruiting new fans. I have very little studio time logged, but I remember how tiring it was. Writing songs, learning to play, recording the tracks, mixing and mastering… and for what? Albums rarely sell as a whole anymore. You can purchase individual songs on iTunes, or just listen through Pandora or Spotify. Youtube even has a music app now for music videos. Touring and merchandise is where most bands make the majority of their money. As a concert lover, when I see a band perform live, I want to hear the songs I am familiar with. New music is great for newer bands, but when it comes to bands like KISS or Guns N Roses, can we blame them for not wanting to write anything new? I found the article to be eye-opening, and it has given me a new perspective on artists.