Use these 3 methods to hide your unexpected “stiffy” in public!

Chances are, if you are a guy, you’ve experienced the stress of randomly getting a stiffy during the course of your day…

for me, it was on the bus going to school, or now that I’m an adult, having pants rub you in just the wrong/right way that it makes your soldier stand at attention for no reason!

so here is my top 3 ways to hide your unexpected public stiffys!


3: The CNC (conceal and carry)

Like a “gangsta” you’ve realized the value of your waistband as an extra pocket and can easily conceal your pistol. you don’t want anyone thinking that you were going to bust a cap…


2: The Magician 

Now you see it, now you dont!

find an object to distract the “boner gazer” from the area in question! maybe use something pleasant, like a potted plant!

HOWEVER, I don’t recommend using a cactus…


1: the “F” it

Dont hide your stiffy at all!!

be Proud of your stiffy!

let it stand tall and strong!


FREE the WEEN!!!


-Baden on Q102