Q: Let’s get it out of the way, is Uli your real name, and how do you pronounce THAT?

A: It really is, although it’s short for something else; it’s pronounced “OOOH-lee”

Q: What’s your deal? Where are you from?

A: Born & raised in Santa Barbara, California but consider Cayucos, California my hometown. I moved to Missouri in 2000 after several years up in Alaska, working on the oil rigs among other jobs.

Q: Name your favorite bands

A: The genres I love span the spectrum. I’d say in heavy rotation most of the time are bands like The Dropkick Murphys, Foo Fighters, Trampled By Turtles, Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, The Interrupters, Flogging Molly, Sturgill Simpson, Bad Religion, NOFX and of course, Don Ho.

Q: What brought you to Q102?

A: I spent 23 years on the Springfield Fire Department, retiring as a Captain in 2023. On my off-days I’d often hang around with the crew at the relatively new Q102, like Shadow, Kristen from The Naked Lunch and that lunatic Brock. In 2018 I started up a podcast called “Uli Who” which aims to share everyday conversations with everyday people; we all have a story to share. Mike the Intern was a guest a few times, along with several other people in the local music scene; seems like I focus a lot on music and the local brewing community (another of my interests). Then one day a call came in asking if I’d like to try a turn behind the mic at the Q…..I’m so stoked to be here!

Q: What else gets your motor running?

A: Mental health needs in the community and at-large are something that really drives me; I’m currently a VERY non-traditional student at Missouri State, getting my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Smoking meats and BBQ’ing are another passion, my cardiologist can confirm that. Building stuff in my shop and building a great beer along with friends is how I really enjoy the other 7 minutes left in the day. Also, Stevie Nicks. We could be soulmates if she’d just return my texts once in a while.

Three random facts:

  • I played bass in reggae & ska bands in high school and banjo in a few bluegrass group in college (for beer, er…..textbook money). I didn’t say I was good.
  • My Dad convinced his kids that all “good” things were Dutch, so I grew up believing that Pink Floyd, Supertramp and ABBA were all products of Holland, as were hot dogs. My therapist LOVES that one.
  • My Christopher Walken impression has been described as “not that bad” by more than two people. And by “two people”, I mean my cats.