The Shadow Person among us…

I browse Wikipedia a lot and often times hit the “random” button just to see what comes up. I did that today and this is what I found: Shadow Person

It’s… pretty creepy. I specifically remember a time when I was in 5th grade that I woke up in the night and was unable to move. It felt like I was being held down in my bed. I remember trying to scream, but I couldn’t. Weird, right? I had totally forgotten about that until I read this article.

All of that said, I’m sure I was just having a scary dream back in 5th grade. The homework was enough to give anyone nightmares. Still…

Does anyone find it weird that I may have been visited by Shadow People and now I work for a Shadow Person?

She’s a great boss (really, Shadow- you are!), but I’m thinking that maybe a larger plot is afoot.

Or not.