Adoption Triad of the Ozarks, an Adoption Constellation

Sharon Cummins and Judy Mills started the Adoption Triad of the Ozarks (an Adoption Constellation) on May 5, 2003, for adults over the age of 18 whose lives have been affected by an adoption decision. The members of this group are looking forward to commemorating their 20 years by sharing adoption journeys before and after finding the identity of biological families from original birth certificates, DNA testing or other sources. One journey includes a "Secrets Told/Masks Unfold" story from Sharon, Jeanette and Lori of how two birth moms worked alongside each other for 21 years before finding the freedom that came from revealing their deeply-buried secrets. Before Sharon could reveal to her coworker Jeanette the exciting news her daughter Lori had found her, she had to admit to Jeanette she had known she was also a birth mom since before ever meeting her but just couldn't talk about it. Come and meet Sharon, Jeanette and Lori, as well as several other members willing to share their stories . Former Missouri Representative Don Phillips will sing a song he wrote about his adoption reunion called, "A Special Kind of Love."