San Diego Comic Con Trailers To Care About

Ahoy, fellow nerds of the rock world. ‘Tis I, Doug, bringing you the news you can use out of SDCC.

There’s a lot of hufferall about Maverick, but who cares about that? Let’s talk about the real top three candidates for best trailer of the con.

Star Trek: Picard

Cannot wait to see this movie. I’ve never been a Star Trek fan (though there are some episodes spread across the series that I do enjoy). But, I always liked Captain Picard, and First Contact was a baller movie.

I’m not the first to say, this looks a lot like Logan in Space, which, really, is probably a good thing.


I have no idea what is going on here. Which is the main reason that I stopped watching after season one. I mean, I got that it was two seperate timelines, but beyond that, I thought there were a lot of character motivation issues. But, this looks pretty badass.


This has the potential to be either the biggest let down or greatest success of the new television season. I just cannot wait to watch this. A sequel to the comic book (not so much the movie), this combines all the elements of the first to craft a new story.