Q102 has teamed up with PuckHcky.com and the MSU Hockey bears for weekly giveaways!  You can score a Puck HCKY/MSU Hockey Bears Prize Pack each Thursday.  Unless specified, each Jersey can be customized with YOUR Name and the Number 102 (for US because we want you always to remember who you won it from).

It’s time to be a badass….  with Puckhcky.com, The MSU Hockey Bears, and Springfields rock station, Q102!


Weekly Prizes (includes an MSU Hockey Bears Practice Jersey, a soft-puck, and two tickets to a 22/23 Season MSU Hockey Bears Game):

10/20/22 Korn Jersey


10/27/22 System of a Down Jersey

11/3 Alice In Chains Jersey

11/10 Metallica Hoodie

*** This prize is the ONLY one that will be IN-HOUSE and comes in size 2 XL (they run small).

11/17 Alice In Chains ‘Muck and Grind’ Jersey

11/24 Alice In Chains Laced Pullover Hoodie

12/01 Metallica ‘Black Album’ Deluxe Hockey Jersey (Grey)

12/08 Whitechapel ‘Reprogrammed To Skate’ Deluxe Hockey Jersey (Black)

12/15 Disturbed ‘The Game’ Hockey Jersey

12/22 Guns N’ Roses ‘Worldwide’ Deluxe Hockey Jersey