So… here we are. We live in the times where you can make a girlfriend, or, TRY to make a girlfriend.


A tech developer who has been working on artificial intelligence platforms has taken on a side project, developing a ChatGPT clone of his girlfriend.

The gist of it is Enais Cailliau’s GirlfriendGPT works like any other ChatGPT program: You feed it information — in this case, material his real girlfriend has sent him, her photos, her likes and dislikes and the like — and in turn, with some coding, it should mimic his girlfriend’s words such that it would be like talking to the real person via text.

It can even send him selfies, which are also AI generated.

On that point, Cailliau concedes “it needs more work,” seeing as one selfie it generated is supposed to show his girlfriend reading a book in a park. Well, it got the park setting right, as well as the book. But her face is distorted and she’s sitting atop an extra torso, instead of a park bench. Oh, and she has three and a half legs and only one foot.


This guy needs to get new material. It’s already been done before and look how it turned out for Gary & Wyatt.