My First Concert!

Ok, we all have that one concert that we have been to that leaves a memory like none other whether it’s your first concert or a recent one, there will be something about it that you will remember for the rest of your life.For me the most memorable was my very first rock concert, now before I let you know what it was, there wasn’t anything silly or tragic that has happened and for sure I have been to a multitude of amazing shows over the years that I am sure were probably better and most definitely some that were worse and the were most definitely ones that have more story behind them but I will save all of those for another time, so back to my first show, it was 1984 I was 16, yes I dated myself, and my dad, yes I said my dad, had asked me to go with to one of favorite past times, go to the record store and just look around for new music, so anyway we are on our way the store and he passed the exit that we needed and so I ppoint this out to my dad at which point he reaches into his shirt pocket and let’s me know that we are not going there but are going to see Ozzy and Motley Crue for the Bark At The Moon/Shout At The Devil Tour!  So there it was my first concert and the one that will stay with me when I have forgotten all the rest!