I listen to a wide range of bands & genres (not so much country though, sorry about it). But it is my hope with these weekly playlists is to share my personal musical tastes with you and to hopefully turn you on to something new or maybe remind you of something that you haven’t heard in a while.
So lets get started.

From the Danzig 5: Blackacidevil album, “Sacrifice”
I believe is a highly underrated song. Actually, the whole album is underrated. A lot of fans were turned off by this album due to its industrial sound. I think it’s a great album, still sounds like Danzig to me.

If you’re feeling saucy, Click here to listen to the entire Danzig 5: Blackacidevil album

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From Boston Manor’s album called Datura, “Crocus”
Boston Manor comes to us from the UK. They had pop punk roots but have recently adopted a synthy type of sound, which I am 100% here for. Their latest album, Datura was released in 2022, it’s so worth checking out.

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From Samurai Pizza Cats, “Pizza Homicide”
This band comes from Germany (yes, band, not the weird anime) and has members from another killer German band called Electric Callboy. This is one hell of a ride and you’re not ready for it. Watch & enjoy!

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