I’m excited to share this playlist with you! I’m excited because they’re all coming to Springfield and there’s a couple different opportunities to see Catch Your Breath & Until I Wake. Those details are after the videos below. I hope to see you at all of these shows! So without further ado, lets get into it.


Catch Your Breath: Dial Tone
FB: facebook.com/catchyourbreathTX
IG: catchyourbreathband


Dark Divine: Halloweentown
IG: darkdivineofficial


Until I Wake: Octane
FB: facebook.com/untiliwake
IG: untiliwake


Get your tickets to see Until I Wake, Dark Divine & Catch Your Breath April 28th at The Riff NOW! CLICK HERE

Then go see Catch Your Breath again when they open for Falling In Reverse on May 2nd! Get your tickets! CLICK HERE or win tickets to this show here

And come back to The Riff to see Until I Wake when they open for Thousand Below on July 11th. CLICK HERE to get your tickets.