Not too long ago I talked about lab-created chicken and said that it’s probably gonna be used as a ruse to feed us all Soylent Green, but now they’re cultivating meat from an extinct mammoth.

An Australian company on Tuesday lifted the glass cloche on a meatball made of lab-grown cultured meat using the genetic sequence from the long-extinct pachyderm, saying it was meant to fire up public debate about the hi-tech treat.

Cultivated meat — also called cultured or cell-based meat — is made from animal cells. Livestock doesn’t need to be killed to produce it, which advocates say is better not just for the animals but also for the environment.

… used publicly available genetic information from the mammoth, filled missing parts with genetic data from its closest living relative, the African elephant, and inserted it into a sheep cell… Given the right conditions in a lab, the cells multiplied until there were enough to roll up into the meatball.

Yeah. No thank you. Hard Pass.

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