Free Things

We here at Q102 like to give you stuff. So, here you go!



  • Gary Campbell

    I need to win I am 39 years old I have not been to a concert in ages

  • Kim Hawk

    Love your radio station:-)

  • Cherie Glenn

    I need teepee!!! I mean tix. Plz n Thx

  • Jennifer Feltz

    Would live free tickets to summer land or three days grace concert

  • Lon Berryhill

    I’m suprising my daughter taking her to the Sumerland Tour on Tuesday.
    What a lineup, will be a great show. Guaranteed ! ! ! !

  • Robby Davis

    Q 102 is cool!

  • Robby Davis

    “Q” Stands for “quite” awesome!

  • Robby Davis

    wanna win!

  • Jennie rodriguez

    PLEASE pick me! Divorced, single momma of 4 needs a night out! I’ve had the worst luck with a bus hitting my car, 2 Flat tires, top of my car flying off-all in about 2 weeks! AGAIN-PLEASE PICK ME! 🙂 thank u!

  • Robby Davis

    Thanks for making awesome music!

  • Tommy Cdren

    Shawn just got done with job site invasion lunch you guys rock thank you Tommy Condren

  • Michael Brake

    Who won chiefs tickets