Where are you from?
Grew up in Rogersville and moved all the way into Springfield.

Who is your favorite band?
Beck. Always Beck. #Beck4Lyfe

What was your best “Rock N Roll” moment?
Having grown up here, I saw The Urge play at The Juke Joint and The Regency a million times. Flash forward a decade and I’m still watching their shows- only this time I’m hanging backstage with them.
After the show, they’re passing a bottle of Ketel One vodka around. I’ve had way too much to drink already and politely decline- but they won’t take “No thanks.” for an answer. I wake up the next morning on the front porch with the front door wide open- I never made it inside. I find a phone number in my pocket with “Call Me” scrawled under it. I get worried because I’m happily married, but I call it to get the story. A dude answers- it was their drummer. He just wanted to make sure I had gotten home alright. He felt guilty for “making” me drink all that vodka.

What drink is in your hand at a Metallica concert?
The same thing I would at any other concert- whatever beer is cheapest.

Give us your “Free List” (the top 5 celebrities you would be able to sleep with per your sig other):
No one believes me when I say this, but I haven’t really made a list of celebrities that I’d like to have sex with. I mean, I’ll see someone on TV and think “Whoa- that’s hot!”, but then I forget about it as soon as something else comes along.

My Spank Bank is a mishmash of last second choices.

What sports are you in to?
None. Not even one. I love beer and grilled food, though, so I pretend to be into any sport that I can tailgate at.

Do you have any pets?
I have a Yorkie. She’s precious- leave me alone.

What are your pet peeves?
Poor grammar. Text Speak (Ex: “I C U R hm”)- just type out the words like a goddamned human being!


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