Sean’s Football Picks Week 17

Last week Sean went 11-5. Let’s see how the final week of the regular season goes for him.   Saints vs. Falcons—-Falcons Ravens vs. Bengals—-Ravens Giants vs. Redskins—-Giants Texans vs. Titans—-Texans Panthers vs. Buccaneers—-Buccaneers Packers vs. Lions—-Packers

Sean’s Football Picks Week 16

Sean went 11-5 last week. Let’s see how things go in Week 16   Giants vs. Eagles—-Giants Dolphins vs. Bills—-Dolphins Jets vs. Patriots—-Patriots Titans vs. Jaguars—-Titans Vikings vs. Packers—-Packers Chargers vs. Browns—-Chargers Redskins vs. Bears—-Redskins Falcons vs. Panthers—-Falcons

Sean’s Football Picks Week 15

Sean did well last week at 12-4. Let’s see how Week 15 will shape up.   Rams vs. Seahawks—-Seahawks Dolphins vs. Jets—-Dolphins Browns vs. Bills—-Bills Eagles vs. Ravens—-Ravens Titans vs. Chiefs—-Chiefs Steelers vs. Bengals—-Steelers Lions vs. Giants—-Lions