A history lesson with Bad Wolves at Rocklahoma 2022

Crayon interviews are back! Baden has some fun talking with Bad Wolves about what they wanted to be when they were kids! Also, historical ties to Hitler??? CRAZY!

Interview with Daniel of Nothing More! Baden catches up with Daniel of Nothing More, while awaiting their new album "Spirits" that drops Friday 10/14/22 by tworley

Bringing Back Crayon Interview for Rocklahoma 2022 Bringing it back baby! Here is a look at some of my favorite works of "art" from past interviews!


Baden continues looking through old CD cases and checking out what kinds of music he finds. Today he looked into Leslie's binder!...Book?...WTF is it called? anyways Check it out!

Deep Dive with Baden 1 Baden deep dives into old CD cases starting with his own! You never know what you'll find in these things!

Q102 Rock Room Sessions with Saliva Dusting off the cobwebs with our first rock room session since the plague!! Saliva drops by the studio with their acoustic rendition of their new single 'Crows"

Artist Answers 5! What was you favorite childhood toy?

Its that time again! Time to ask the artists a silly question and learn more cool things about the people that make your favorite music! This week we asked artists; What was your favorite childhood toy?? Featuring Members of: Red light King, Bad Wolves, Memphis Mayfire, and KORN!

Artist Answers #4 Wishing It was never invented! This month, Baden asked rock artists "what is the one thing you wish was never invented" **featuring** Nothing More, Dorothy, Asking Alexandria, and Five Finger Death Punch

Catching up with Arejay

Baden talks to Arejay of Halestorm about the upcoming tour, album, and the need for an oxygen tank in the future!

Artist Answers #3

This month, Baden asks the artists if touring was what they expected before they became professional touring musicians!