Brock’s top 10 Motorhead Songs! RIP Lemmy!

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It’s been crazy on my fb since the news broke of Lemmy’s passing. So many of my friends in the industry have a pic or awesome Lemmy story…sadly, I do not. However, I’ve been a Official Motörhead fan since I pulled that “Ace of Spades” cassette outta the discount bin at a music store in Madison, WI. I’ll always be a Motorhead fan. RIP Lemmy.

Here are my top 10 Motorhead tracks of all time!

10. Orgasmatron

9. (We Are) The Road Crew

8. Born to Raise Hell

7. Killed by Death

6. Iron Fist

5. Overkill

4. Built for Speed

3. Hellraiser

2. Motorhead

1. Ace of Spades (did you expect anything else?)