Baden’s Limp Bizkit kick..

as of this weekend, I am on a Limp Bizkit kick.. Im not even gonna call it a guilty pleasure because chances are, if you hate limp Bizkit, you hate America.. lmao.. JOKING(for all the easily offended snowflakes)

heres when my kick, kicked off.. My Bass player and I did a cover of a cover of a cover of “I did it all for the Wookie”


SURE thats been done alot.. but I had fun and felt cool as hell! lol

Today (Monday 1/15/18) I played Rollin’ during the 5 oclock rage..

I miiight get in trouble for that, BUT look at how much fun I was having? and I bet much of you were having just as much fun if you heard it as well!




you love what you love! HA