ROCKLAHOMA 2023 - Plush Interview


ROCKLAHOMA 2023 - Asking Alexandria Interview

Dan from Asking Alexandria in the Q102 shanty talking about how he likes the slower jams and not liking loud music shockingly lol. As well as some personal influences, touring with The Hu, and finding out what he likes to do when off tour.



ROCKLAHOMA 2023 - Bat Allison Interview

From San Antonio, just wrapping up their tour. Talking about them going into studio working on some new jams. They are full of energy and ready to get recording and then hit the road to spread their music.



ROCKLAHOMA 2023 - Eyebolt Interview

Cuervo sits down with Glenn from Eyebolt to talk about their new experience setting out with their 2nd time at Rocklahoma. Influencers skid row who they met backstage. And of course had to ask about hair product they use to hold their hair. What its like to be wearing the leather pants. And what foods they all like to sit down and eat together as a music family.


ROCKLAHOMA 2023 - Theory of a Deadman Interview

Cuervo sat down with Theory of a Deadman's, Tyler and Dave, asking most exciting thing they love to do together while touring to kill time. PS5. Hittin their new tour coming that they are looking forward to in October.


ROCKLAHOMA 2023 - Godsmack Interview

Cuervo got to sit down with Sully and Shannon. Talking about is it the end of Godsmack, what tour plans they have and what they love to do to find peace after touring.


ROCKLAHOMA 2023 - Fame On Fire Interview

Cuervo busting that cherry for his first Rocklahoma. Right after their set they took the time to get out to our Q102 shanty. Explaining their first rocklahoma, their new music, who they are excited to see. And of course what kind of food they like to eat while on tour.


ROCKLAHOMA 2023 - Flat Black Interview

For the 5th show ever, out touring with godsmack. Talking about the new beginings new plans for their future. And finding out what they love to do when down time allows it self.


ROCKLAHOMA 2023 - Ayron Jones Interview

Cuervo has sits down with Ayron Jones talks about his beginings of how he got into music. If he is a fan of starbucks coffee being from seattle and what he loves when he is not on the road.