12 Things To Stop Saying To People In Radio

1. You’re so lucky, you get to just talk for a living.

You’re right. I am grateful every day to have a job that is so unique and fun. However, much more goes into getting a job like mine than “luck” and it takes a lot more to keep it than “just talking.”

2. I could’ve totally done my own radio show.

This is a back-handed way of implying that you are fully capable of doing what I do but with zero experience. And I could’ve been a marine biologist…but then I realized I suck at math and can’t swim. Just like ANY job, some level of training and skill goes into it. To assume you could just jump in and be a pro is insulting and ignorant.

3. How much do you make?

This is rude no matter what field someone works in! Stop asking this! And to curb some of that curiosity, probably a lot less than you think…Lol

4. Can I get free tickets to (insert show here)?

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t get a fat stack of tickets to hand out, keep, or sell on stub hub any time an artist is in town. Usually a certain number of tickets is given to my company and they are usually all allotted for contests. In fact, sometimes it’s hard for me to even get a ticket to a show I want to see.

5. So are you trying to be like Howard Stern or something?

Lol no. There’s only one Howard Stern and only one me. I’m just trying to work hard and be successful in my own right.

6. I have a great idea for your show…

No you don’t.

7. What’s your backup plan?

Being a Starbucks barista. UHM my backup plan?! This is my CAREER. I’m sorry if it makes you uncomfortable that I’ve decided to take on certain risks and challenges in order to be successful and do something I love, but I couldn’t live any other way.

8. Why aren’t you doing TV?

Television is great. So is what I do. They are completely different mediums and each requires a different, specialized skill set with some overlap. Just don’t assume that everyone who works in radio wants to be on tv. Many work their whole lives to master a particular format and love going to work in pajamas thank you very much 🙂

9. Omg I’m SO SORRY!!! I NEVER even listen to the radio!

I don’t care. OMG! You’re a mortgage banker!!? I’m sooooo sorry because I rent and don’t buy! Lol I’m not offended if someone chooses not to be a huge radio listener…but I know you’re lying when you say you NEVER listen.

10. Radio is a dying industry.

Radio has undergone drastic changes over the past few years. Jobs are not as abundant, pay has decreased and talent is at an all time low. BUT, if you’re talented, work hard, and dedicate yourself, there is still opportunity to be just as happy and rich as the next person. I’ve seen it with my own eye balls!

11. Wanna host (insert here) for free? It’s only a few hours.

Aside from charity events, assuming that I should always do my job for free, is essentially saying that what I do has no real value and either does my time. If anyone can do it, maybe you should just do it yourself.

12. Can you mention my business on the air?!

That’s illegal. Not only could I potentially lose my job, you are asking me to do what I get paid for, for free again. Businesses pay me money to talk about them. I get a cut, sales gets a cut and so does the company I work for. If you’d like to buy some airtime I can definitely point you in the right direction though!