Homegrown Music

Tuesday Night Q102 Homegrown Shows:
September 10th
Cole Porter Band - A Love Goes Cold
Astro Baron - Keeper of Time
Paper Anchors - We Wont Sleep

August 21st
The Collective - Dont You Cry
Heart Punch - Tribulations
Nigel & the Ghost - Cowell Road

August 13th
Kill Crows - These Winters
Various Hands - You Should've Thought of That Before
Oh, Rhien - Shut Up Before You Get Made Out With

August 6th
Shawn James - The Shadow
Signum A.D. - Chemical Lifeline
Call Me Beta - Begging to Burn

July 23rd
Young Readers - Boxcar
The Give Up - Peal
Superstar Runner - You Have A Beautiful Voice

July 16th
Squint - The Break My Heart Show
Redhorse - Angel Eye
The Radiance Effect - Mad Mess

July 2nd
Fraught with Peril - Deadly
A Dark Safe Place - Never
Call Me Beta - Spark

June 11th
Say You Swear - Happy to Leave
Histories - Obliviate
Feel No Fear - Feel No Fear

June 4th
Ghost Dance - 10 Million BC
Story of a Ghost - Lover
The Home Owners - Schematic

May 28th
Far From It - Whatever It Takes
SeldomMinds - Conflicted
6 Shots Till Dawn - Revolution

May 14th
Stained Angel - Breath the Fire
The End All - Whammy
Videovamp - Too Much

April 30th
The Follow - Endless Summer
Kids and Chemicals - Devil Girl
Break the Barrier - Rock

April 23rd
Skylines & Cityscapes - Staring Down the Sun
City Limits - Here Again
Paper Anchors - I Am What I Am

April 16th
Plastic Image - Angle
We Are Like the Spider - Shame
The Seed - Friday

April 10th
Jah Roots - Wanting You
Berch - Magician
The Allen Array - Breaking of Time

April 2nd
Human Anyway - Break Free
And Then There Was Bear - River Song
The 13 Kings - Nonchalant

March 26th
The Violet Hour
Arrows at Dawn

March 12th
Golden Giant
Truett & the Traitors
Brad Barham

March 5th
Enduval - This Life
In Serenity - Ghost Town
Assembely Line Gods - Pound of Flesh

February 26th
Ready The Monument - "Too Late"
The Archimedian Point - "Doubt Is Our Product"
The Captain's Son - "Fifties Song (You Could Have Been the One)"

February 19th
Funkee Noosa - "Keep On"
Far From It - "Plagued"
LuciD - "Rise Up"
A Heroes Formula - "The Equation"

February 12th
The Lowdown Fancy - "Round the Bend"
Me Like Bees - "The Ides" (Joplin)
Onward, Etc. - "The Steps of Anna Rose"

February 5th
Cole Porter Band - "A Love Goes Cold"
Josh Heinrichs ft. Cas Haley - "Pressure Drop"
Knife*Death - "Unholy Womb"

January 29th
LuciD - "Rise Up"
The Give Up - "Peal"
Luna Jamboree - "Into You"

January 22nd
The WildLife - "Seed Sail" (Bolivar)
My Rotten Self - "Peace & Love" (Joplin)
Truett & The Traitors - "Rest"
Paper Anchors - "In Pixels"

January 15th
Once Great Empire - "Best Served Cold"
Astro Baron - "Keeper Of Time"
The Nova Heat - "Like a Shotgun"

January 8th
A Heroes Formula - "The Equation"
Kids and Chemicals - "Devil Girl"
Paper Anchors - "In Pixels"

January 1st
The Captain's Son - "If All Goes Well"
Il Da Morte - "White Chapel"
Springvegas - "Compass"

Q102 Homegrown

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