Rockin' Roller Cooler

It’s tailgate time and that means you’re gonna be rolling out the cooler full of icy cold beers. 

Well this year how would you like a cooler that really rocks?  It’s the Rocking Roller Cooler!  Q102 and Brown Derby have decked out this full size cooler with it’s own ultimate wattage stereo system from Creative Car Audio! 
This one of a kind prize just can’t be found anywhere else on the planet and it can’t be bought, it can only be won!   
If you’re 21 or over just check it out and register today at the Brown Derby at National and Cherry. 


Registration Ends September 15th , 2013

Join Q102 for a live remote August 23rd from 8-10 pm at the Brown Derby at National and Cherry

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To enter: text Q102 to 68683