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Wine Specials July 5-11

DeLoach California Tier All Varietals 750ml $8.98 Fog Mountain All Varietals 750ml $10.98 Babarosa Moscato D’Asti 750ml $10.98 Perseverance All Varietals 750ml $8.98 The Culprit Red Blend 750ml $12.98 Franzia Select Types 5.0 Liter $11.98

Beer Specials July 5-11

Budweiser Family 12 pack cans or bottles $8.98 Goose Island Select Types 6 pack bottles $6.98 Pabst Blue Ribbon 18 pack cans $11.98 Leinenkugel Family 12 pack cans or bottles $12.98 Redd’s Family 12 pack cans or

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