Caleb Where are you from?
Born in Springfield, but lived in Arkansas, Hungary, and Texas.

Who is your favorite band?
Pearl Jam

What was your best “Rock N Roll” moment?
Non-band related, I was on a date, and someone paid our entire bill because they recognized me from the radio.

Band related, I got to party with Devour the Day, Finger Eleven, and Three Days Grace

What drink is in your hand at a Metallica concert?
Jack & coke with a flask of Fireball

Give us your “Free List” (the top 5 celebrities you would be able to sleep with per your sig other)
1. Jessica Biel
2. Adriana Lima
3. Emma Stone
4. Emma Anzai
5. Marissa Miller

What sports are you in to?
I don’t regularly follow sports, but I do enjoy watching football and hockey.

Do you have any pets?

What are your pet peeves?
So many. I would say my top two are liars and people who are famous for no reason.


What They Don’t Appreciate…

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An Oldie, but a Goodie

I have a friend whose last name is “Jenkins” and every time I see her pop up in my Facebook newsfeed, I always say her name like this… out loud.