Where are you from?

I am originally from Odessa Texas, then I came to Missouri after living on a semi truck for about a year.


Who is your favorite band?
My favorite band? That’s a very loaded question because my taste in music tends to be dangerously broad.. It really just depends on the day! HOWEVER, the band CKY holds a lot of personal meaning to me, so I’ll have to go with them!!

What was your best “Rock N Roll” moment?
Playing a show with one of my old bands in the middle of a field, selling beer out of the back of our van, and turning 6 cars, plus our POS van into a stage using old pallets and a lot of ply wood.. Lol the cops showed up, and everyone scattered.. Except us.. We kept playing hahahah

What drink is in your hand at a Metallica concert?
Whiskey in a jar-o

Give us your “Free List” (the top 5 celebrities you would be able to sleep with per your sig other).
We would probably ask them to have a threesome to be honest! Hahaha but here’s my bonable 5! Vanessa hudgens, mila kunis, Scarlett Jo Hanson, the butcher babies ladies(I’m counting them as one), lizzy hale!

What sports are you in to?
Football, hockey, skateboarding, snow boarding, larping, women’s volleyball (spectator sport)

Do you have any pets?
Pterodactyl!! His name is bill

What are your pet peeves?
Liars, child abusers/pedophiles, being bossed around by people that are not my boss, jump cuts, emo-kids, getting my hat ripped off my head, BO, southern accents, ungratefulness, hipsters, posers, 85% of the people that run our government, fake people, this list could go on and on!

Baden’s Limp Bizkit kick..

as of this weekend, I am on a Limp Bizkit kick.. Im not even gonna call it a guilty pleasure because chances are, if you hate limp Bizkit, you hate America.. lmao.. JOKING(for all the easily offended


So the suites let me have a dirty 30 birthday party! I was stoked! and even though they got scared of having booze there, and pulled the plug on having it (at the last min) that didnt

Sweet text Line???

DUDE!!! Did you know that we now have the ability to text from the studio? Requests, questions, or just shooting the Shit, this allows us to be able to get to know and communicate with you one