Urban Word of the Day

When something is sexy and excellent at the same time.
EX:  My new jean short-shorts are sexcellent!

The Spring time.  Weather is warmer so women start wearing less layers, thus revealing more cleavage.  Happiest time of year for men.
EX:  It's Cleavage-Season everybody!!!  YAY!!!!

Skank Blanket:
A blanket/towel you put down on your bed when you have a slutty girl over so you don't get your sheets dirty.
EX:  I had to go buy some new skank blankets...my old ones were beyond washable.

Midget Fisted:
To get punched in the nuts.
EX:  Man, I can hardly walk today cause I got midget fisted last night at the party.
Dildo Shock:
The feeling a man gets when he sees his girlfriend/wife’s sex toy for the first time.
EX: Bob was in complete dildo shock after finding his wife’s huge sex toy.
Weiner Mitten:
A condom.
EX:  Hold on baby, I gotta put on a weiner mitten before we do it.
An epic drinking party to end all drinking parties.  Bad consequences always follow.
EX:  Dude, last night was crazy…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a party like that…I was total boozageddon.

Power Pole:
The ultimate nickname for a mans wang.
EX:  I can't wait to show Becky my power pole!

A really hairy bush that hangs out of a persons underwear, makes it look like they got a monkey in there.
EX:  Woah, look at that crotch-monkey!

Having a very sore arm from to much masturbation while watching porn.
EX:  I totally have porn arm today.

A really hot chick who just got pregnant.  Soon to be a "milf".
EX:  Amy just got pregnant, now she is pre-milf.

A slutty person who is bi-sexual.
EX:  Did you hear Katy swings both ways?!  What a double-slut!

Nickname for children, usually bratty ones.
EX:  She has 5 crotch-droppings from 5 different guys!

Hobo Nap:
When you get so drunk that you pass out on the ground without a pillow or blanket.
EX:  Dude, last night I got so drunk I took a hobo nap right in the middle of the party.

Another name for the toilet.
EX:  Bob, if you don't start flushing the crap-hamper, I'm gonna stick your head in it!

To masturbate while taking a bath.
EX:  Every Monday night, I masturbathe.  It's lovely.

Having nothing but one dollar bills in your wallet.
EX:  Look at all these ones!!  I'm stripper-rich bitch!

A tampon
EX:  I have to go to the store and pick up a box of period-sticks for my girlfriend.

When you lay naked between to whores.
EX:  Tara, Amy, & I made a whoreo last night.  It was awesome!

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