Drinking 101

That's my wine in a box!

DRINKING 101 - VINO! In a box!
I've had wine in a box.  It's pink, tastes like kool-aid and my mom had it at all her card parties with her girlfriends when I was growing up!
Well THAT kind of wine is totally different than the wine Brad from Brown Derby taught us about on Thursday!
We had premium wine. YES, good wine can come in a box! I tried it!
A couple choices at Brown Derby include Black Box, Bota Box & Big House Wine.

First we sampled BigHouse Wine.
The creator of this delicious concoction is very vague about the ingredients. It's tropical, very floral & crisp. The box is funny. The words are funny. The vino is AWESOME! It's a white wine that's sweet, a little dry and very refreshing. I think it would be perfect with fish, on a hot summer day at lunch, or with sushi! I'll be buying a box for myself!

Next was a red Malbec. I love Malbec - always have. And this Black Box selection did not disappoint! From Argentina, it's earthy, and reminded me of cherries! The Black Box Malbec is bold, smooth, and full of flavor and made me feel all warm & fuzzy inside! Would be perfect with steak, pasta or next to a fire on a cold night!

The benefits of good wine in a box:
Shelf life. A bottle lasts maybe 24 hours after you open it. These boxes are sealed w/ a tap. So they last 4-6 weeks! Perfect if you're like me & just want to have a glass from time to time!
Cost. One box is equal to 4 bottles of wine! And these boxes we sampled are around $20 each. A GREAT DEAL!
Easy to transport! Wine on the lake and no bottles to accidentally break?!?! YES!!!
Better for the environment. That's a given!

Most all flavors are available at The Brown Derby Wine Center. The other local Brown Derby locations will carry a limited selection but they do have some great choices!


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01/27/2012 4:21PM
That's my wine in a box!
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