Take It or Leave It 2014

Here at Q102, we cater to the risk-takers and the play-it-safers.  And it's that time of year again where you have to decide which one you are. 

That's right, Q102's "Take It or Leave It" is back!!  Just listen for the touch tones and be caller 10 at 447-1021!  Then you'll have to choose whether you want to be a "play-it-safer" and take the guaranteed prize OR be a risk-taker and leave it for chance at a fly-away trip for two to Rock on The Range in Columbus, Ohio!!  AND, to sweeten the deal, we're gonna help ya out a little too.  To find out when the touchtones will be, tune into Lex & Terry during the 7am hour and we'll let you know! 

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To enter: text Q102 to 68683