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I like it.  I always order it at restaurants, it's like my go to drink, "a glass of your house chardonnay, please"...

Brad from Brown Derby is so awesome - he didn't even slap me across the face when I said "what kind of grapes are in chardonnay".  The answer is....CHARDONNAY.  Ha!  Glad we got that million dollar question out of the way!

Chardonnay is supposedly "The Worlds Favorite Wine".  It's a dry white wine that can be classified as having buttery, oak tones or even apple, pear or citrus, crisp tones.

We tried three different types....

Pouilly-Fuisse- A wine from France. It doesn't say Chardonnay on it because the French are more concerned about where it's from and how it's made vs. the type of wine it is.  This one was good. Boldest of the three, aged in oak and under $20 a bottle. It was my 2nd favorite. Very buttery and hints of oak and apple...maybe a little pear, too

Mer Soleil (in the middle glass bottle). Aged in oak and a bit more mild on flavor. Buttery and dry. Fruity. My third choice

Mer Soleil (last in the ceramic bottle)- My favorite. This one was a trial for the same makers of the original Mer Soleil Chardonnay we tasted above.  It's the same wine, same ingredients - just made differently. This one is made in a cement barrel vs. wood/oak.  And it's bottled in a ceramic bottle.  The bottle does keep colder and look really cool but more importantly, the wine is REALLY good.  Crisp, light, fresh and tropical.  It was my fav of the three.

All are under $20 and available at the Wine Center.  They always are having tastings there, too to go try it!  I recommend the Silver Mer Soleil! 

Wanna make dinner & serve a Chardonnay?!?!?  Pair a Chardonnay with rich pasta dishes for a lighter flavor to compliment.  Or serve it with fish, shrimp...fruit or my favorite: rosemary chicken salad croissants. YUMMY!

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03/23/2012 1:30PM
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