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Welcome to my page!  It's a chance for you to see who I am.  Of course the internet makes being creepy WAY too easy.  Click on any of the links above to find my FB, Twitter, etc.

Things you MAY not know about me (if you care).

I'm from Wisconsin.

I love the Green Bay Packers.

I've been in Missouri for 12 years now.

I have a kid.

I don't have a "favorite" band but if I had to name one it would be Metallica in the 80's & 90's.  They're the reason I'm not on the air announcing the latest from Justin Bieber.  And yes, that was a HUGE possibility.....

I've been to more concerts than I can count.

I've seen Pantera and Primus the most out of ANY bands.

I hate Blind Melon but will still play them for you.

I am insanely sarcastic and when I'm not on air I'm most likely using swear words.

My favorite movies are Lord of the Rings, Natural Born Killers, Snatch, Clerks and Love Actually.

I watch Law & Order: SVU, Family Guy, Game of Thrones, Dexter, The Walking Dead and Sex and the City.

I have WAY too many purses.

XOXO, Shadow


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