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Go from zero to hero in a flash with these amazing chocolate drinks this Valentine's Day!

Take it from me, girls like it when you've gone out of your way on Valentine's day to get something fun & thoughtful.
Brad from Brown Derby made his weekly celebrity appearance on the Kristen Show today & he did not disappoint!
These beverages will just add to the romance I'm sure you've already created, wink wink....


Yes it's chocolate, yes it's wine & YES it's good!

If you wanna stick to a vino that really looks like wine - go for the Chocolate Shop. It's red in color. Very tart and tasty, cherry accents and smooth. The hint of cocoa really makes it lovely... Perfect with fish or steak or even chocolate cake! YUM!

A dessert wine or something creamy is always fun, too. The ChocoVino is a traditional chocolate wine available at all Brown Derby locations.  Does she like mint (I do!!) try the Cocoa Vino MINT. It's VERY minty - super smooth and beyond delish!
The Chocolatier "Chocolate Turtle" wine tastes like a butter nipple shot to me. Sweet, creamy - potent & caramel! Its good but my least favorite of all the wine we sampled.


It's GOOD!!! I'm a fan of a darker brew and I could tear up Southern Tier Imperial Choklat Stout. It's fabulous. 
If you're not in to sweet wines - grab yourself this beer. It's wicked good.
The other beer Cocoa Mole is limited - only 3 cases came in yesterday so grab it FAST at the Wine Center!

I do love a good flavored vodka. And every man I've met can't resist the sweet goodness once it hits their lips, either!
Try this for valentines day! Its great on the rocks with Chocolate covered raspberries or Strawberries!
Mix it with Sprite for a little bubbly action. And to make it creamy - try an Irish cream (that was good, too!)

EVERYTHING CHOCOLATE! Grab something from this category to give your Valentine's Day the full effect it truly needs! A nice dinner, some chocolate spirits, fresh flowers & bow chicka wow wow!

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02/09/2012 12:31PM
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