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Drinking 101 with Brown Derby. MOONSHINE

1/19/2012   The day of the Moonshine.
It was illegal forever. I didnt know you could buy it! The last I heard, it was made in a barn down by the farm when we were all sound asleep. It would get you trashed and it tasted like ass.


Moonshine is not bad at all.  In fact, I think I like it.  We tried five different flavors by fast guy Junior Johnson. (If you didn't know, he's in his 80's now but spent 11 months in jail back in the day & comes from a family of moonshiners who've been making this fine juice for years. He's also a former Nascar driver. Find his booze here.

Brad from Brown Derby came in today. The man knows Moonshine.
We learned that it's a product of corn. Legal Moonshine, like the ones we sampled are comparable "proof wise" to most other hard liquors on the market. Yes back in the day Moonshine was like 5,000 proof but today - most Moonshine from juniors like up are 80 proof.
Now add fruit (like the strawberry or blueberry selections) and you increase to 100 proof.

Original- 80 proof. Sweeter after taste than Vodka and really clean. By clean I mean a smoother liquor. I really enjoyed this one. Making a Moonshine Martini sounds so hillbilly but I think I might try it. This Moonshine was smoother than my favorite Kettle One Vodka. Weird, I know!

Strawberry - 100 proof. Yes fruit makes this choice sweeter and more delectable. The taste of strawberry is fresh when you first take a sip. The after effects are more harsh (in my opinion) than the original. Probably because it's 100 proof vs. 80. I liked it paired with Brads lemonaid. It was refreshing as a mixed cocktail.  There's real fruit inside - in this case strawberries and they were potent!!! Yes eating one will rock your world!

Apple- 80 proof. Smells like apple juice and tastes like warm apples with cinnamon.  This one I'd only recommend in the fall or winter months. Its a little heavier in my opinion and would rock as a sip & relax straight from the glass kinda spirit by a warm fire. 

Blueberry- 100 proof. Sweet & sugary taste. I would make syrup with this & pour it on my pancakes! It was tasty but my least favorite of the 5 we sampled. Oh, and if you are brave - chomp on one of those blueberries inside - HOLY COW! I spit mine out (don't tell).

Catdaddy- This one is a secret of the Johnson Family & they will not tell you what's in it. I think it tastes like vanilla brown sugar & cinnamon, maybe even clove...coconut... but I was told none of those are in this delicious creation. Taste for yourself & see! It smells like vacation. Like something I'd put on my skin to bask in the sun. I loved this one. And paired with coke - DELISH! If you are a fan of spiced rums, you might find your new addiction in a bottle of Catdaddy.

Make your own!
Big Daddy:  1 1/2 oz Catdaddy over ice & fill it up with Root Beer
Apple Pie:   2 oz Midnight Moon Apple Pie over ice with a splash of Ginger Ale
Strawberry Tea: 2 oz Midnight Moon Strawberry over ice with a splash of sweet tea & a slice of lemon
Blueberry Soda: 2oz Midnight Moon Blueberry over ice & fill with cream soda!
The Naked Kristen: 2 oz Midnight Moon shaken with a splash of olive juice & garnish with 2 olives filled with blue cheese

Wanna try it? Friday January 20th, 4-7pm It's Derby Drinks at the Wine Center on S. Glenstone. Try some craft beers & a few of Juniors Moonshine creations! Saturdays 12-4- sample wine!

All the Moonshine we sampled can be found at most Brown Derby locations here in town and cost just around $20. Even the Catdaddy.
My pick: Tie. Original (I'd pair with green olives & some olive juice OR freshly squeezed grapefuit) And the Catdaddy. Id sip it straight & make sure to be by a cozy fire with someone fun to get tipsy with!


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01/19/2012 12:35PM
Drinking 101 with Brown Derby. MOONSHINE
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01/19/2012 1:02PM
You guys suck,
I have to get a different job where I can drink. Lol. really you guys rock.
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