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HARD Cider

I never drink it.  Honestly, I never even think about it.  Cider beer, when I drank it was just called Hornsbys and we drank it when we were YOUNG just for the fast effect.  Not because we really cared about cider beers!

So today, Brad (our resident Professor bartender) can in to educate us on what cider beer is and what kinds are good to try!
There's no grains in Cider beer.  So it's totally different from regular beer made with hops & barely.
Cider beer is fermented apples.  Some add sugar or flavors like ginger to give it a kick but traditionally - Apple Cider beer is just that, apple cider (with a boozing effect, of course).

We started with the new brand out called "Angry Orchard".
We went dry to sweet...
1. Traditional Dry (the green label)- My favorite.  Champagne like. Dry and refreshing. Not too sweet.
2. Crisp Apple (blue label)- Too sweet for me, I could have maybe one.  Very appelicious.
3. Apple Ginger (orange label)- My least favorite. Too gingery for me!  It was an acquired taste. I felt the need for an OMG roll with this one! ha!

Wanna try them for yourself and see how you rank them? 
Hit up the Wine Center on S. Glenstone tonight from 5-7pm for a free sampling of the ciders(gotta be over 21, duh).

PS:  Brad knows I LOVE a pale ale or IPA, so he hooked a sista up with the new SHIFT beer from the New Belgium Brewing Company (makers of Fat Tire).  The secret to this one,  the employees that work for New Belgium Brewing Company, get a SHIFT beer when they get off work.  EVERY SHIFT gets a SHIFT!  I LOVE that concept and the beer isn't heavy, it's tasty, crisp and has a hint of grapefruit.  Plus, in the can, I'll bring it on the boat and enjoy in the sun! GO GET A "SHIFT"!!!!

Of course you can always kick back and down one of the traditional Hornsbys & Woodchuck

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04/05/2012 1:12PM
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